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New Exhibit Locations for 2017

Black Medical schools exhibit-Kindred Healthcare-Lousiville,KY   Feb 6-Feb 28Black Health Legends Exhibit-Pennsylvania-MaGee-Womens Hospital of UPMC-Pittsburgh, PA  Feb 12-Feb 28thBlack Health Legends-Who is 1st,  Tau Lambda-Nashville, TNBlack Health […]

BHHL Launches a Series of Youth Focused Black Health Legends History Books

BHHL Launches a series of trivia books with a focus on Black History Pioneers for youth.  These trivia books can be an excellent resource for family orientated activities, […]

Previous Exhibit Locations

  KY African American Museum of Black History-Louisville, KY University of Iowa-Davenport , IA Beaumont Health System- Birmingham, MI Clark United Methodist Church-Nashville, TN 2nd Baptist […]